Friday, November 19, 2010

Music Video

Hi everyone! I need your help! I want to do a AGMV(American Girl Music Video)
and I need song suggestions. I have been listing to my ipod and YouTube nonstop lately trying to find a song with a good story line, and easy to make a video out of. So comment and tell me your favorite song (or one that you think would make a good AGMV)

Remember this though......
The song has to be appropriate. (No bad language)
Something that has a good story line.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Also have you seen the new AGMV by StarlightHarp? I LOVE it!! It is one of my favorite songs!



  1. I think you should do the song breakeven or I love that song Impossible by Shontelle.

  2. Hi, this is Chelsea (and Laura!)! We wanted to say thanks for following our blog! ;)

    I think (this is me, Chelsea, by the way) Round and Round by Selena Gomez would be a great song! You could do the spinning with your dolls, it would be so great! :D

  3. One of my favourite songs is Speak Now... you should definitely do it!


  4. Hi! I think you should do You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. It would make a good story line. Hannah

  5. How do you make a logo for your blog?

  6. When are you going to make a new post and also, how did you make a logo for your blog?