Monday, June 28, 2010

Innerstar University

The new meet clothes. >>> I think.
OK, I am freaking out! I have exciting news and weird news. I,m giving you the exciting news first.
Innerstar University opens July 13! An interactive world for girls and their dolls.

Now the odd/weird news.
1. You have to buy a JLY to get into Innerstar U.
2. They are not going to be called Just Like You any more. I think they are going to be called My American Girl.
3. The "Just Like You" dolls are going to have new meet outfits.

I knew that they were going to change the meet outfits but change the name??
And having to buy a doll to get in???? I want to get a "JLY" soon but what about the people who are already have "JLY"?
Well anyway here is the website if you want to check out the video and learn more.

P.S. Thank you to all my followers!


  1. Hey! I really like your blog- I'm following it now.

    Anyways, I think you got way better pics of the new JLY or MAG outfit that me! But I don't think it's true that you have to buy a JLY, I think it's open to every girl with any kind of doll- but who knows! Where'd you get your info? I would love to know!

  2. Hi! I really like your blog! I tagged you in a tag and awarded you on my blog! :)

  3. Thanks Anne!! I'm kind of new to how blogger works so this might sound weird but how does tagging work?

    this is the site i got the info.

  4. wow i love the new meet outfit. dont u?

  5. I really do! I am hoping to get a MAG(My American Girl) soon. And she'll come in the new outfit!
    I she'll be number 29! I hope she'll look good in it.

  6. They've changed names before. Back in the 1990s and until early 2006, they were called American Girl (of) Today (AGoT/AGT).

    I'm planning to get a #19 (brown hair w/ bangs; green eyes). I can't wait to see the rest of the new stuff.

  7. Yep, this is the third name change.