Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mia in Wonderland

A couple of weeks ago I had my dolls out side with me and I was taking pictures of them.
Playing around mostly. And I was thinking about the new movie Alice in Wonderland that I really wanted to see. And I had an idea.... I could make a Alice in Wonderland costume for my dolls.
Then I had an even better idea! Why not to it now! I went inside and got Nellie's meet dress and the yellow gala dress. (It's retried) I put Mia in the yellow dress and layered Nellie's blue meet dress over the top. I found some taller grass by a big tree in my yard and set her in the grass. I moved her hair around her so that it would look like she just fell down a rabbit hole! What do you think?

I saw Alice in Wonderland wile I was babysitting the other day.
Also I decided that Mia's middle name is going to be Alice but I was even more excited when I learned that the actress who plays Alice in the movie, her name is Mia!

Mia Alice St. Clair >>>