Friday, October 22, 2010

I Have Retured!!

Well I'm sure that you guys can guess why I have dissapered for the last two months. (has it really been that long? Two months? Yikes!) One word. School. Well new school to be exact. As many of you know I was home-schooled for a while. (it says that on my blogger profile. And still does)

But I'm really loving my new school and have made many new friends. I also really like the teachers but the sometimes the homework can be a little long in my opinion.
But I haven't forgotten about my blog or my awesome followers!!
Every weekend i try to post but it just doesn't happen. I still look at your posts and try to comment.

OK now it is time to get down to the real point of this post!

A few things are going on in the world of AG that I have just gotten wind of.

I was watching Big Time Rush the other night (love that show!) and nearly fell of of the couch!! Why you ask? I saw a American Girl commercial promoting the new MAG dolls! (my little brother is like "Is that American Girl?")
I really like the commercial. But there is a few things that I don't like.

1. This just seems that you can go to your local Wall-mart and buy one in the toy aisle. For those who know about AG, that is not the case.

2. And this came to me again wile was watching the video. AG is focusing on the MAG dolls more than the historical dolls. I remember reading about this topic on a blog when the MAG dolls where first released. That angers me more sense Felicity and Elizabeth are retiring.

But I still like It. It is just that American girl is losing what I remember AG being like when first got Samantha (I think 5 years ago). I know this is a marketing thing, to keep up now that every stuffed animal, toy and doll that comes out, you can play with them in a virtual world.

Here is the link to the video. >>>>>> American Girl Commercial

What do you think?
I have only seen the commercial on Nickelodeon. Have you seen it anywere else?

Well I think you have my opinion for the day. lol And don't worry I will be posting again soon. I think I will have Mia post on here sometime. :) Maddi


  1. I haven't really seen the commercial on TV yet. I'll have to be watching Nickelodeon when I want Saturday morning cartoons from now on.

    But I have seen a part of it on their website, and it did bug me that it only focused on MAGs.

  2. wow i know how hard it can be to start a new school and really hard when you are home schooled before and only have a few friends. When i went to school three years ago from being homeschooled the change was really hard! Great new post!

  3. I have not seen it on TV, but I watched via link. Wow. I can't believe AG would do that. That is just plain ole insulting.

  4. I flipped out and almost chocked on my water when I saw it, and it angered me too that they are mainly focusing on the MAG dolls! I don't even LIKE the fact that they can go online!!! :)