Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My review on the new AG clothes

Snowflake Ball Gown
Normally I'm not that fond of AG's Holiday dresses. But this dress and the next one are a exception. I love the Doll & Girl versions of this dress. They are so elegant!

Ruby & Ribbon Dress
I love the cardigan and the shoes! The shoes look like Dorothy's red ruby slippers (from the Wizard of OZ) Another one of my favorite outfits!

Snowflake Pajamas
This has to be one of my favorite things! I love the colors, style, design, slippers and the fact that I can get it in my size!!!! (Yes, There is a Girl size of this!!)

Sweet Sugar Outfit
I am so glad that AG had finally come out with some good jeans! (my dolls need jeans.lol) And the sweeter is beautiful.This is so on my Christmas wish list!

Snow Flurry Outfit
This is so cute! This will keep any doll warm! My Favorite thing is the boots!

Ski Outfit and Accessories
This is the first time AG has had a ski outfit for the MAGS since 1997. (or Just Like You. whatever you want to call them.) The old one was discontinued in 2000. The last one they had was for GOTY 2007, Nicki. I won't get this because I have Nicki's.

Cozy Plaid Outfit
I love the boots!! The colors go very well together. Definitely on my Christmas wish list.

Thanks for reading. I'll post my reviews on other new items latter. --Maddi--


  1. i love the snow flurry outfit! so adorable!! those purple pj's are also cute too!

  2. wow they're so pretty. how much are they